I am Karan

A Software Engineer

Curious being who usually spend most of his time gawking into screen to understand the code he has written ๐Ÿ˜‚, Currently crafting amazing web experiences @Uber. He was building @GOJEK and @Zoomcar before, He has given a talk @anAwesomeConf.

Important attribute of my skillset


I have been building intractive experiance on web since my college days. I have gained expert level knowledge in JavaScript. I am proficient in TypeScript and good enough with CSS.


I have build web apps for startups like skoov and encyclokida using python(django/flask). I have learned how to create maintainable and scalable project over this period of time


Design of this website is done using tools like illustrator and sketch. I have been working with design tools from long time for my side projects.


I felt in love with crawling while I was working @Skoov.@Encyclokida I got an opportunity to built and maintained crawling infra of more 30 crawler fetching more than 60k events/week using scrapy and nltk.

Checkout my projects

Fooodie is online food delivery service. I build this for my brother from scratch. Fooodie is online food delivery service.
Hobber is e commerce brand for kids toys, frontend was build using vue js and backend was based on mogento.
Chat Application
Built this app to learn React+TypeScript+Socket.io. Backend was built using Node.js and auth was done using Google Authenticator.

My Recent Learnings

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